Title 5, repairs and selling your home

So you are selling your home, and you are discussing with your realtor what the listing price will be. Be sure to discuss your bottom line and what your position is on repairs which may be requested by the Buyer as a result of their inspection, and especially any costs associated with repair or replacement of your septic system. Buyers frequently come back to the Seller after their inspector has gone through the house and ask that certain repairs be made by Sellers before closing. Think about how much you might be willing to spend to keep the deal at that price. Be realistic about the condition of your home and whether it complies with current codes. Beyond that, often the biggest item affecting sale and price is the condition of your septic system. If the system fails inspection and a new system needs to be installed, the cost can be significant and put a big dent in the funds you thought you would be walking away with. Your listing price should take into consideration who will be paying for repairs, particularly septic repair or replacement or whether the property is being sold “as is”.

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