A review from a client, despite Yelp’s opinion

I hate having to market myself, but I know I have to make people aware that I am here, what I do, how well I do it and how reasonable my rates are.  I also have to combat  my nature as an introvert.  I asked a client recently to write a review of my service on Yelp.  Well, that apparently isn’t as easy as it sounds.  My client appeared to be on Yelp, that is why I asked.  He wrote a review, but it didn’t appear on my profile.  I thanked him for his effort.  Frustration caused him to give it another try.  He thought he needed a Yelp account to post a review, so he set one up.  He posted again.  Still no review on my profile.  Well, after some research, apparently Yelp didn’t feel my client’s recent experience using my service should be used.  Apparently their program weeded it out.  Well, the effort was a waste for the most part, which is unfortunate.  My client wasted his time, his opinion was ignored; I was denied evidence of my reliability and efficiency, and probably because my client isn’t one of those people out there constantly posting and building his own Yelp page.

Well, it wasn’t good enough for Yelp, but I reproduce it here for anyone wanting an opinion from another person using my service:

“We recently chose to sell our vacation house near Great Barrington and were referred to Ms. Garrett to serve as our lawyer throughout the process. I can only say that she made this both as easy and profitable as we could have imagined. She named a most reasonable fee at the outset and despite the many unanticipated hitches that inevitably arise in such a transaction, she never complained or asked for more money. Also, a frequent complaint about lawyers is that they never are available or accessible, but Ms. Garrett was always quick to respond–by e-mail or phone–to all our queries and concerns. She even forwarded any relevant e-mails between herself and the buyers and their lawyer so that we always knew what was going on. So yes, we can most heartily and sincerely recommend Gail Garrett as a lawyer.”

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