Client Comments

“Thank you so much for your excellent work. I appreciate your no-nonsense approach and very reasonable rates. You certainly helped me to sleep at night! You are a lawyer with ethics and a heart-seems a rare combination.”

“Thank you for all your help—your persistence, your understanding of the case, and your very real desire to help us. We appreciate all of it enormously.”

“Thanks for all your legal advice. You’re the best!”

“Thanks Gail for everything you have done for my case!! If I need a lawyer in the future, I know who to call. Thanks again.”

“I am so grateful for your help.”

“We are very indebted to you for all your help.”

“Thank you Gail for all your help. You’re awesome.”

“We enjoyed your visit tremendously, Gail, and are so glad you’re our attorney.”

“I doubled what you charged me, because….and also because you just plain deserve it.”

“Thank you so much” “Great Job-very well done” [eviction of problem tenant]

From a colleague: “You are a real champion! Your honesty, intelligence and diligence are qualities to be admired.”